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Baths that relax both mind and body
Choose between natural and contemporary, or fragrant and classic

A leisurely soak in a hot spring is one of the special pleasures of traveling in Japan. The soft sounds of the Kinugawa river and the scent of cypress wood suffuse our hot springs, which deeply relax and delight all of the senses. There is also a spa offering various treatments for releasing tension from one's mind and body.

Classification / therapeutic effects
Simple alkaline hot spring
Therapeutic effects:
Heals neuralgia, sprains, muscular pain, and joint pain

The spring at Kinugawa Onsen was discovered in 1691. At the time, the land belonged to Nikko Shrine, and thus could only be used by feudal lords or monks on pilgrimage to Nikko. The spring is classified as a simple alkaline hot spring; that is, it contains less than one gram of dissolved minerals per kilogram of water. The clear, odorless waters are gentle to sensitive skin. Once the waters' therapeutic effects on neuralgia and rheumatism became better known in the modern age— helped by the opening of rail service here in 1927—the area grew into what is now the Kinugawa Onsen hot spring resort.

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