About Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel


John Kanaya's beloved “Villa in the Valley”

Inspired by founder Senji “John” Kanaya's spirit of hospitality and appreciation for the aesthetic,
our “Villa in the Valley” offers the comfort of a luxurious villa,
ideal for meeting friends from around the world, combined with a sophisticated, modern atmosphere and service.

Rooted in tradition, but always evolving

With its roots in the beginning of the Japanese hotel industry, the Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel offers a timeless fusion of eastern and western cultures, the traditional and contemporary.

Aesthetics and the spirit of hospitality

The hotel offers all the elegance and services expected of a resort, as well as hospitality that comes not just from the textbook, but from the heart.

A Japanese-style luxury resort

Experience a sense of oneness with nature through furnishings that offer a uniquely Japanese sense of the four seasons.

East meets West

Guests are welcomed to a peaceful space that combines Japanese aesthetic sensibility with Western functionality.

Kanaya kaiseki cuisine

Our original take on traditional kaiseki cuisine incorporates plenty of Western influence, featuring multiple courses of exquisitely prepared local seasonal ingredients.

Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel images

Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel images

Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel images

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