Spa Casa Blanca

Introducing the ultimate

We re-opened our Spa "Spa Casa Blanca" with a complete renovation. We have a brand new treatment area on the 2nd floor that is directly connected to our main bathing area on the 1st floor.

Spa Casa Blanca - where you can have an ultimate relaxation for your mind and body.

Casa Blanca is our icon loved by our founder, John Kanaya.
We, as a long-established hotel in Japan, have been carrying his Japanese hosting spirit "Omotenashi" and named our brand new spa to honor it.
We create our spa menu with "platinum vuvu" skincare line formulated from "Colloidal Platinum", with advanced technology.
With the "East meets West" style, we can provide unprecedented spa treatments that heal your mind and body.
Following a relaxing hot springs bath to enhance the effects of the treatment, please enjoy our oil treatment using the original aroma oil.

【Business Hours】 9:00am - 10:00pm, last admission
(The large bathing area may not be used between 10:00am - 2:00pm)

Spa Casa Blanca

Spa Casa Blanca

Spa Casa Blanca

Spa Casa Blanca

Spa Casa Blanca

Spa Casa Blanca

About "Colloidal Platinum"

The platinum used in treatments at "Spa Casa Blanca" is a colloid (microscopic particles) that is produced with a special production method for the high quality and have patented in 11 countries around the world. The Colloidal Platinum has the ideal electrical potential to give a skin ultimate moisturization and powerful anti-oxidization properties to beautify the skin. By simple application, it relaxes your mind and body. It cannot be absorbed into your body at all, so it is safe to use as a application.

Colloidal Platinum

Spa Menu

 Casa Blanca Signature

Facial and Full Body Treatment: 120 min/¥23,000
Full Body Treatment: 90 min/¥20,000
Décolleté and back: 60 min/¥17,000
A body treatment using Casa Blanca-scented oil.

 Platinum Treatment-Body

Full Body Treatment: 90 min/¥18,000
Décolleté and back: 60 min/¥16,000
A body treatment using either yuzu (citron) or spicebush oil.

 Platinum Treatment-Facial

Full Body Treatment: 90 min/¥18,000
Décolleté and back: 60 min/¥16,000
A facial treatment which uses an ample amount of Colloidal Platinum

 Head & Back treatment

45 min/ ¥9,000
A dry head massage with hemp oil and a back treatment with a konjak scrub.

 Foot massage

30 min/¥8,000
Improves the flow of blood and lymph throughout the feet and promotes the excretion of body waste.

※ We also have variety of additional options for each course.
※ The time periods above include counseling time (approximately 10 minutes).
※ The prices quoted above are excluding tax.

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